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Local Moving Information

Vancouver, Lower Mainland, Victoria

Anderson Moving and Storage provides local moving and packing services at an hourly rate, plus a trip/travel time charge. Our rate schedule is as follows:    


  • Anderson Moving and Storage  (1, 3 and 5 ton trucks available)    $89.00 per hour
  • 3rd man $29.00 per hour

All Saturday Moves are subject to a Three Hour Work Minimum plus Travel Time using a Two Man Crew.

All Sunday / Evening / Holiday Moves may be subject to a Surcharge.

The time starts when the movers arrive at your loading location and continues until the work is completed at your final destination, and includes the time spent traveling between your various locations. The standard 30 minute trip charge is added to account for the time spent getting out to you and back home again. We generally say that it takes one to one-and-an-half hours of moving time per fully furnished room. Remember that it may take a little longer if you live in a location with an elevator, multiple flights of stairs, or if there is a long walk from where the truck can park to your front door.

Wardrobe cartons are available for your use on the day of the move for a rental charge of $5. A wardrobe box is basically a portable closet. Your clothes are hung in the box from a metal bar. Each box holds 18" - 24" of clothes hanging on a bar in your closet, depending on the type of clothing. We carry a full line of packing supplies and have FREE delivery for all orders over $150.

Like most local movers, we include Liability Coverage up to $10,000 with a $1000 deductible for your property at no additional charge. Other valuations and deductibles are available for a premium. Like most companies we provide a basic depreciable type of coverage based on $ .60 cents per pound, per article.

We may require a security deposit to secure the date and time of your move.

Please feel free to call us anytime if you have any questions or if you need additional information.

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Mission Statement

We strive to deliver outstanding service to our customers before, during and after each move. For our employees and franchisees, we seek to assist, empower and encourage each person to achieve their full potential so as to lead a productive, fulfilling life.

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