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Valuation (Insurance)

Local Moves (under 30 miles)
A good truck, a good crew and a good packing job are your best insurance; however, accidents do happen.

Two Guys and a Truck includes liability coverage in the amount of $00.60 per pound, per article at no additional charge.

We guarantee to settle your claims in this amount up to $5000. Our basic coverage, which is included with your move, carries a $500 deductible.

You can purchase a lower deductible for the following rates:
$250 Deductible for $75 or $ 0 Deductible for $100.

You may also elect to purchase a higher amount of coverage ($5,000 minimum) at the following rates:

$500 Deductible $ 1.00 per $100 valuation
$250 Deductible $ 1.50 per $100 valuation
$0.00 Deductible $ 2.00 per $100 valuation

Full Value Replacement Protection Plan
This premium is available at $50 per $10,000 of coverage ($50,000 minimum). You must purchase an amount of insurance equal to the total value of all of the property that is being moved, or your settlement will be adjusted accordingly.
For instance, if we move $100,000 worth of property but you purchase only $20,000 of coverage, the claim will be settled at 20% of the full value. Insurance can be purchase at any time before the move begins.

British Columbia/ Out-of-Province Moves
Sixty cents per pound, per article. Additional coverages are available for a premium.

If you have any questions about insurance or about how we settle our claims, make sure you read our service contract or give us a call.

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Mission Statement

We strive to deliver outstanding service to our customers before, during and after each move. For our employees and franchisees, we seek to assist, empower and encourage each person to achieve their full potential so as to lead a productive, fulfilling life.

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